Upcoming Sermons


20 August 2017  Jacob: God Works in Mysterious Ways

Jacob’s life is crazier than a daytime soap opera. Could he possibly become the raw material for a nation that influences the world? The answer, surprisingly, is yes. An exploration of God working behind the scenes. Genesis 30:25-43


27 August 2017  Jacob: Reunions, Regrets and Reconciliation

Jacob wanted a family reunion, but Esau was bent on killing his brother the last time they saw each other. An exploration of the nature of reconciliation. Genesis 33:1-17


3 September 2017  Jacob: Hindsight is 20/20

The Jacob who returned to Bethel was a different man than the one who first went there. An exploration of the nature of reflection and attitudes.   Genesis 35:1-15.


10 September 2017  The Sacrament of Doubt

It is easy to think that having doubts is a bad thing for a Christian. Can we see “doubt” as something that can help us grow in faith? Mark 9:14-29, a story about doubts.

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