Sunday Worship Service


Each Sunday at 10:00am, the VAPC community of faith gathers to worship together. The worship service is the weekly focus of congregational life and a time of spiritual challenge, growth and renewal. We participate in thought-provoking sermons grounded in Biblical wisdom. We celebrate with inspiring music. We stop our business to worship together in God’s house and enjoy each other’s company in a time of fellowship.


The Reverend Dr. Bob Smith leads us in worship that is:

BIBLICAL: Finding a middle ground in the continuum of church services, sermons are faithful to the Bible as it speaks to us in our modern lives.

INTERGENERATIONAL: This is a church of all ages and stages. Our worship affirms that we are one body in Christ.

COMMUNITY-MINDED: Often examining issues affecting the various communities in which we exist, our worship looks both inward and outward.

JOYFUL: Our service focuses on the hope of Christ, the grace of God and the renewing power of the Holy Sprit.

A Time with Young Christians

A delightful and especially uplifting time in the service is the ‘children’s time’ which speaks to us with stories that appeal to all ages. Children gather to sit with the minister at the front of the church and discuss some aspect of the day’s service. After ‘children’s time’, children eagerly head off to Sunday School while their parents remain in the sanctuary. Twice each year, the children and youth conduct the service, sharing and inspiring with their musical, acting and public-speaking gifts.

Senior Choir

This congregation loves music. We sing it like we mean it – and we regularly enjoy the contributions of guest musicians. The backbone of VAPC’s musical life is the Senior Choir. These thirty or so men and women rehearse, visit and laugh on Thursday nights. They develop their musical skills under the tutelage of our Director of Music  and Choir Conductor. On Sunday, the choir inspires the congregation with their musical contributions to the worship service.

Junior Choir

The Junior Choir offers school-aged children a chance to share their own love of music in a warmly welcoming and appreciative venue.

Handbell Choir

Our adult Handbell Choir, under the guidance of our Director of Music,  regularly enhances our worship service.

One in Christ, Reaching Out to Many