Minister’s Message November 2014

To the members and friends of Varsity Acres Presbyterian Church;

I was reading recently a woman’s journal of finding faith, of the role of the liturgy in that process.  She is a Lutheran, but I believe her reflections might strike a chord with many of us, where the familiar forms and language of worship can itself carry us into the presence of God and be a voice that speaks to us the grace of God. Nadia Bolz-Weber writes:

“I fell in love with the liturgy… It felt like a gift that had been caretaken by generations of the faithful had been handed to us to live out and caretake and hand off.  Like a stream that has flowed long before us and will continue long after us.  A stream that we get to swim in, so that we, like those who came before us, can be immersed in language of truth and promise and grace.  Something about the liturgy was simultaneously destabilizing and centering; my individualism subverted to being joined to other people through God to find who I was.  Somehow it happened through God.  One specific, divine Force.”

The rhythms and patterns, language and tradition of our worship, if we give ourselves to them, can convey God’s love to us.

In Christ,

Rev. Bob Smith

One in Christ, Reaching Out to Many