Minister’s Message October 2013

To the members and friends of Varsity Acres Presbyterian Church;

“So we are ambassadors for Christ, since God is making his appeal through us.”

5 Corinthians 5:20

This past weekend, Helen and I took advantage of Doors Open YYC, an
opportunity to look behind the scenes of the city, and to visit venues that
are not normally open the public. Helen toured the CBC facility, I took in
the McDougall Centre, and together we toured the Oliver Bowen Maintenance
Facility for the city’s C-Train fleet.

It was fascinating to see how the trains are maintained, serviced, and
cleaned, and to speak with the people who work there to keep the trains
running. We got to ride a train through the train wash and then for a
short spin around the facility, and kids on board got to sound the horn and
make announcements on the PA system.

One thing that struck me was the pride and enthusiasm that all the workers
had for the particular part of the task for which they were responsible,
and for the overall responsibility they shared for keeping the city moving.
They seemed to have a sense that each of them had a crucial role to play,
that they were a team, and that their collective effort was something to be
proud of showing to the city.

It is what we are encouraged to do in the church. Each of us brings gifts
given to us by the Holy Spirit. We offer them for the building up of the
church (Eph. 4:12), and to declare God’s goodness to the world. Surely
part of that is to be ambassadors, as Paul says in the verse above, sharing
the good news of the love of God, and of the work and ministry of our
congregation which is our spiritual home. God makes his appeal through
each one of us.

Rev. Bob Smith

One in Christ, Reaching Out to Many