January Message

Varsity Acres Presbyterian Church is searching for a new minister following the retirement of the previous minister in July 2016.

In the Presbyterian Church, when a minister leaves, another minister is appointed to Moderate the Session and oversee the Vacancy.  The Presbytery of Calgary-Macleod has appointed me to be the Interim Moderator for Varsity.

During the vacancy, it will be my responsibility to ensure that there is a preacher every Sunday.  It is also my responsibility to guide the Search Team in the search for a new minister.

It is my intention to preach at least once per month in 2017 so I hope and pray we have the opportunity to get to know one another. I value your input and can be reached at Kobus@wpchurch.net or 403-999-3435. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions or concerns. I will also do my very best to keep the congregation informed about our progress. Please understand that much of the search process must be confidential but as much as possible we will keep you posted! Please pray for the church and for the new minister God is preparing!


Kobus Genis, Interim Moderator


One in Christ, Reaching Out to Many