Upcoming Sermons


March 18th – Lent 5 – “Second Chances” – Rev. Rod Ferguson

If we are honest with ourselves, we all need them, second chances…even third and fourth chances. Lent 5 offers us just that, as god in his mercy and love for us offers them again and again to Israel and in christ, to the whole world, including you and me. Believe it or not.

March  25th – Palm Sunday – “Taking Jesus Seriously”


March 29th – Maundy Thursday – “Betrayers All”

We will look particularly at the story of Judas and then zoom out to think more generally about how any of us can be betrayers of Jesus.

 March 30th – Good Friday

We will hear the story of Good Friday from the Gospel of John. We will also meet 5 of the witnesses of that day through dramatic readings.

April  1st – Easter Sunday – “To See An Empty Tomb”

An empty tomb is just an empty tomb….but what if you look in and believe that Jesus rose from the dead? We will hear stories of how that belief changed the lives of many ordinary people.

One in Christ, Reaching Out to Many