Using Social Media with VAPC

Visiting Our Social Media Sites

VAPC hosts three social media sites: Facebook, Twitter and Google+. These services help our extend our outreach and reinforce church communications. Our social media sites can be visited by clicking one of the following. These sites will be opened in separate tabs on your browser.

VAPC Facebook Page @VAPC_Calgary on Twitter VAPC Google+ Page

Automatically Follow Public Announcements

Each of the social media services provides an opportunity to receive public announcements (posts, tweets, etc.) automatically. To enable this feature click on one or all of the follow buttons below.

Sharing Content From This Site

If you have an account defined with any of the above social media services, then you have the ability to share content from this site on your Wall (Facebook), Timeline (Twitter) and/or with your Circles (Google). Simply click on one or all to share content from this site.

One in Christ, Reaching Out to Many