June E-Memo

When the day of Pentecost had come, they were all together in one place. And suddenly from heaven there came a sound like the rush of a violent wind . . .  (Acts 2:1-2)


On Sunday, we will celebrate Pentecost, the moment when the church came into existence. It is not that the church hadn’t existed before then – it had existed back into the very beginning of biblical history when God first called people into faithfulness, and people responded.

But this is the moment when the discouraged, disorganized, dispirited, followers of Jesus suddenly discovered that the Spirt of God had not left them, but was still guiding them, encouraging them, and calling them to new things.

It is good at this time to remember that the church is not our creation, it is something that God brings into existence to fulfill God’s purposes, and that it is our responsibility to respond by acting in faith. May this congregation continue to do so as we move into the future unknown!

John Egger

Director of Christian Education


What’s happening in June at VAPC:

  • Sunday, June 4 10:00 Pentecost Communion Service
    • Announcement of the name of the candidate that the search committee has presented to Session
  • Sunday, June 4 7:10 p.m. Special Evening Multi-language Pentecost Service (in sanctuary)
  • Sunday, June 11 10:00 Celebration Sunday!
  • Sunday, June 25 10:00 Affirmation of Faith
    • Shine campaign final Sunday


News from the Stewardship Shine campaign: we are half way through phase 1, $24,880 has be raised so far (pledges and givings), for a total of $49,760 with matching funds.

One in Christ, Reaching Out to Many